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The roofline is one of the most exposed elements of a building. Our PVC, Aluminium or Cast Aluminium offers a complete solution for this vulnerable area, a comprehensive range of products in a choice of styles and colours which retain their good looks and will not decay. Our products are low maintenance, weather resistant and durable materials. Unlike timber, toxic preservatives or coatings are unnecessary. It does not rot,decay or suffer from attack by insects or vermin. Our PVC profiles are scratch resistant, recyclable, do not contain CFC’s, lead, barium or cadmium.

Following recent trends in the window and conservatory markets, the houseowner has a preference now for the more traditional style of roofline such as the woodgrain PVC product in mahogany and golden oak.


Our Range Includes:

Cascade Ogee Guttering


As our most popular choice with builders and DIY enthusiasts, the Ogee gutter blends good looks with superb functionality. The Double Ogee design cuts out the need for left and right-handed fittings while our interchangeable outlet connections provide for the use of round or square downpipes to accompany the gutter profile.

Cascade is available in white, black or brown as standard and a range of colours to order. Cascade from The Colour yard (Smith Bros) is the perfect accompaniment for our uPVC roofline system.

Flume Crescent Guttering


The half round gutter was the first uPVC rainwater product to take over from Asbestos and Cast Iron gutters. It remains to this day a very popular choice with many fitters and homeowners alike. The Colour yard (Smith Bros) has created a system that is sympathetic to traditional styling and yet aesthetically completely acceptable when fitted on modern day buildings. Customers can have round or square downpipe components to compliment the half round gutter range.

Available in Black as standard and colours to order Flume Cresent adds further variety and options when fitting rainwater products.

Titan Squareflow Guttering

Square Flow is the preferred option for many fitters as its simple yet sleek finish gives great compliment to our Upvc Fascia and Soffit range. Titan gives the customer even more choice when considering rainwater products. Titan comes with a full range of accessories and fittings and can be fitted with round or square downpipe. Its angular design leads to rapid water dissipation, which increases its capacity on larger roofs, while its unobtrusive appearance won’t take from the aesthetics of the building.

Available in Black and White as standard and various colours as special orders.


Guttering Tips For The DIY Person

Make sure to plan your guttering installation using the components that best fit the area, suit the structure they are applied to, and coloursuit their surroundings. Fascia brackets should be spaced at a maximum of 1,000mm apart on straight gutter runs when using square and round guttering. Angles and stop ends should have a fascia bracket within 150mm of the fitting. A supporting pipe clip should be used on shoe branches and offset bends to prevent the down pipe from slipping. Downpipes should be fixed at 1 metre intervals.

Before fixing gutters you should lubricate all seals  with a silicone spray. This makes fitting the clips much easier. Alternatively, a smear of washing up liquid will also help. Ensure gutters are only fitted up to the cut lines as indicated inside the fitting in order to allow adequate room for the gutter to expand and contract with the change of the seasons. To fit a gutter, start at the outlet and insert the back edge first up under the retaining clip, then push downward until the front clip fits tightly into place. Ensure the back clip has remained in position and double check that the gutter is in its marked position, allowing for expansion and contraction. Add a union piece as required to add the next piece of gutter, and repeat the process until all fittings are in place, keeping that lubricant handy. Add stop ends to the end of each gutter run and lastly, complete your down pipes.


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